Playaway Launchpads

Launchpads are tablets pre-loaded with educational content on a certain subject. They do not need wifi so you can learn from them anywhere you are, and they work without downloads or updates so they are always ready to use. Customers may request them from our BCLS catalog.

Borrowing Guidelines

  • One Launchpad may be reserved per card
  • Launchpads may be borrowed for 14 days
  • The late fee for a Launchpad is $1 a day, with a maximum fine of $15
  • The replacement cost for a lost Launchpad is the full cost of the device
  • The replacement cost for a lost accessory (charging cord, charging port, case) is the full cost of the accessory
  • Replacement Cost for the Device is $149.99
  • All Launchpads must be handed back to a BCLS staff member at the location that it was borrowed.┬á