Special Needs Collection

Our Special Needs Collection features a versatile selection of materials including books, audiobooks, music, DVDs toys and manipulatives. Our toys and manipulatives may be used in a classroom setting or at home. All items in our collection are intended for use by people of all ages with disabilities and/or their caregivers.

How long can I keep the items?

Check out times for the Special Needs Collection are as follows:

  • Books 28 days
  • CDs/DVDs and audiobooks 14 days
  • Toys and manipulatives 7 days

Every item in the Special Needs Collection may be renewed as long as there are no holds waiting.

How many items can I check out from the Special Needs Collection?

  • Toys and manipulatives 2 item limit
  • DVDs 7 item limit
  • Audiobooks and music CDs 10 item limit 

Where can I find the Special Needs Collection?

The Special Needs Collection is currently available at our Burlington County Library, Bordentown, Cinnaminson, Evesham, Maple Shade, Pemberton and Pinelands locations in the Children's department. All items can be transferred between locations so you can pick them up at your branch/member location of choice.