Learn a New Skill

What drives you? Is it career ambition, passion for the arts, a need to create, a yearning to expand your horizons, or something else? Whatever your learning desires are, BCLS can guide you on your path with a variety of online classes and resources.

Explore a new language

If you want to learn a new language from the beginning, supplement a class you’re taking, or brush up where you’re a little rusty, try one or all of these options.

  • Rosetta StoneChoose from 30 different languages that you can learn on your computer or mobile device.
  • UdemyOffers beginner and advanced courses in several popular languages, including American Sign Language and IELTS courses.
  • BrainfuseGames and mini-lessons designed to build your foreign language vocabulary. Connect with a live French or Spanish language tutor in the Language Lab.
  • KanopySupplement your language and cultural learning with Global Studies & Languages videos. Plus, you can watch a foreign film or take a course in Spanish or Latin.

Gain a new set of job or career skills

Are you looking to change your career path? Or, maybe you want to advance in your current field? BCLS offers training tools you can explore at your own pace. Plus, select tools provide certificates of completion you can share with your employers.

  • Udemy: Countless business, design, technology and management courses that can help you launch a new career or climb the ladder to a higher level. 
  • Brainfuse: Offers easy-to-follow lessons, including computer skills, how to apply for college and test preparation for nursing school, ASVAB, and higher education.
  • SkillUp NJ: Coordinated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to provide New Jersey residents with free online career courses including business, workplace skills, technology, management, and more.

Learn new tech or computer skills

Whether you need to use a computer for work or play, you can find a class to teach you how to get the most out of your technology.

  • Udemy: Offers many computer and technology classes that you can take at your own pace. Learn to use your Mac or Windows computer, make sense of Excel or explore the technical skills needed by an IT professional.
  • Brainfuse: Follow the Microsoft Office or computer programming lessons under the “Computers and Technology” section of SkillSurfer.
  • SkillUp NJ: Coordinated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to provide New Jersey residents with free online career courses that cover basic computer skills, the Microsoft Office suite, and more.

Discover a new art, craft or hobby

Dive right into these classes and nourish your artistic and creative joy.

  • UdemyExplore all kinds of art, music and hobby classes. Learn to draw, play the guitar or piano, take an art history class or even bake bread!
  • KanopyExplore the arts and watch documentaries on dance, architecture, design, and more, or cozy up for some leisure time with a favorite film.

Develop life and survival skills

Whether you’re seeking to improve your health with diet and exercise, get back to nature in the great outdoors, earn better grades, or pass those important tests, these options can help you develop skills to survive the everyday grind.

  • Brainfuse: Offers easy-to-follow lessons for both kids and adults including research and presentation skills, school subjects to help you study, help for English Language Learners and test preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test or high school equivalency tests.
  • UdemyImprove your financial well-being, add to your parental toolbox or make changes to your diet or workouts.
  • Kanopy: Check out Outdoor Fundamentals to learn about the food you eat, or improve your knowledge about your health.

Play a game

Explore a variety of online games - whether you are looking to be a chess master or just learn the basics!

  • Brainfuse: Everything from chess basics to tactics and maneuvers. Or, connect with a live expert coach to improve your game.
  • UdemyLearn to play chess or create your own games.
  • KanopyExplore The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles or learn How to Play Chess.