Learning Circles

Learn a new skill in a collaborative environment!
Top down view of a group of people collaborating and discussing

What is a learning circle?

Learning Circles are a collaboration between two of the library’s greatest strengths: diverse educational resources and you, the community!  Each Learning Circle focuses on a different topic ranging from creative writing to business with video courses from Udemy or another video learning resource. Here's what to expect:

  • Facilitation by a library staff member to assist with communal conversation
  • A video-based course viewing that will run from 30 minutes to an hour
  • Time to discuss, ask questions, and/or apply concepts from the video selections
  • Additional library resources recommended by the facilitator for further learning or research

For longer courses, there are multiple sessions, so be sure to catch all of them during the month they're scheduled. Keep reading to see upcoming topics for future learning circles.

May 6 & 20 - Oregon State University Permaculture Design

This class will go over the many various concepts to permaculture design. These topics will include what permaculture is, permaculture principles, permaculture design and more!

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June 3 & 17 - Basics of American Sign Language

You’ll learn the basics of ASL such as hand gesturing, fingerspelling, introductions and more!

As we move through this course, we will stop and try signing ourselves. Our goal for the Learning Circles will be to sign our names or even have a small conversation with each other.

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Upcoming Learning Circles

Keep an eye out for these Learning Circles in the coming months.