A student finds the power button on a Chromebook, during a Learning Lab class.

Bringing Computer Classes to You

| Mobile Learning Lab

In this rapidly advancing age of technology, access to computers and the internet has become essential to everyday life. For many people, this became especially apparent at the start of the pandemic when work, school and medical appointments quickly shifted from in-person to virtual. There are countless other benefits to increasing your computer skills, too, including being able to communicate with loved ones through video chat, knowing how to search for valuable information online, and becoming a more competitive job applicant. With this program, we want to reach people who are unable to easily visit a library by bringing Chromebook computer devices to their community!

If you have never used a computer before, it’s not too late to learn! Although it may seem overwhelming, don’t despair; our new learning lab moves at a pace you’ll find comfortable for your skill level. Some people already have their own devices but want to boost their skills. Others are new computer users and want to get comfortable with the keyboard and mouse, learn essential vocabulary and navigate websites. Whether you want to freshen up your skills or have never used a computer before, you are welcome to attend these sessions! Stay tuned for updates!

Audience: Adult Seniors
Computer Skills / Digital Literacy