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BCLS Foundation Supports “Technology for All”

| Mobile Learning Lab

Mindful of how important it is for everyone to have access to technology in this fast-paced digital age, the nonprofit BCLS Foundation remains committed to getting refurbished laptops and tablets into the homes of needy families. A registered 501(c)3 charitable organization that supports the library system, the foundation spearheads the ongoing “Technology for All” initiative, and the program continues to have an impact in the community!

During the library drop-off events, residents are encouraged to donate their used but still functioning equipment that can be wiped clean of data, outfitted with new software and refurbished to benefit those who are struggling financially. To date, the foundation has hosted three successful collection drives and during the last one, held in January, residents donated nearly 80 devices to the cause. The foundation works with the local nonprofit TDI Connect to get a second life out of the technology, and the refurbished equipment can be truly life-changing for recipients in need.

The foundation is planning to hold its next technology collection drive in August and families planning to buy new laptops and other devices during the back-to-school season are urged to keep the “Technology for All” initiative in mind. Specifically, the foundation collects used, but still working PCs – Laptops installed with Windows 7 or newer (no Vista or XP), Chromebooks and Apple products, including iPads. If you don’t have used equipment to donate, please consider making a monetary donation to help support the program.

Audience: Adult Seniors Family
Computer Skills / Digital Literacy