Reciprocal Agreements

As of March 1, 2024, BCLS will be participating in a statewide reciprocal borrowing pilot program that includes the following library systems: 

  • Burlington County Library System
  • Camden County Library System
  • Hunterdon County Library System
  • Somerset County Library System
  • Sussex County Library System
  • Warren County Library System

The County Library Access and Resource Sharing (CLARS) Program allows cardholders of these library systems to participate in walk-in borrowing of books, DVDs, and audiobooks. 

If you'd like more information or to find out if you're eligible, please call one of our eight branches: 

  • Burlington County Library (Westampton)
  • Bordentown Library
  • Cinnaminson Library
  • Evesham Library
  • Maple Shade Library
  • Pemberton Library
  • Pinelands Library
  • Riverton Library

NOTE: in the items below, the terms Home Library and Lending Library will be used. Home Library will be referring to the BCLS branches while Lending Libraries refer to any of the libraries participating in this program.

How to participate:

To be eligible for this program, you must meet all of the following requirements: 

  1. Have an adult or juvenile BCLS card
  2. Be living in a municipality that pays the county library tax
  3. Be in good standing at the BCLS

The following things make you ineligible to participate in this program: 

  1. Educator or paid yearly memberships
  2. Willingboro, Mt. Laurel, and Moorestown do not pay the tax. People who live in these municipalities are not part of the BCLS and fund their own libraries. 
  3. People who are BCLS cardholders through the reciprocal borrowing program with Ocean County and Atlantic County systems

How to get started:

Visit any branch of the participating library systems:

  • Camden County Library System
  • Hunterdon County Library System
  • Somerset County Library System
  • Sussex County Library System
  • Warren County Library System

Present your Burlington County Library card and request to join the reciprocal borrowing program. You will either receive a new card from that library system or your BCLS account will be used at the lending library.

Some participating libraries may contact us to verify that your account is active and in good standing. You can check the status of your account online or contact your local branch for assistance.

    What you can borrow:

    You may borrow books and other items as determined by each participating library.

    eBooks and other digital, streaming, and online resources are not available for loan or use. Other items, such as museum passes, may be restricted by the lending library.

    If you'd like to borrow something from a lending library, follow these steps!

    1. Check the lending library's online catalog
    2. If it's available in the library, you may then call the lending library
    3. The lending library will only hold your book for 24 hours

    Late fees & number of items you can check out:

    You will follow the policies of the lending library when borrowing their materials.  Each library’s policies are different. Please review the lending library’s policies before borrowing materials.

    Placing holds on an item:

    Participating libraries may limit borrowing to available items and not allow you to place holds. Some libraries will hold available items for 24 hours.

    How to return items:

    Please return items to the lending library location you checked it out from. 

    If you return items from lending libraries to the BCLS, the item will not show as "returned" until it is delivered to the lending library which could result in late fees.

    We strongly encourage that you return to the lending library.

    Other Reciprocal Programs

    In addition to the CLARS program, BCLS has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the Atlantic County Library System and the Ocean County Library. Library cardholders of these neighboring counties are eligible to apply for a BCLS card. Applicants must present their home library card at the time of application. Likewise, BCLS cardholders are eligible to apply for Atlantic County Library System and Ocean County Library cards. BCLS cardholders must present their cards when applying for membership at these other libraries.