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Seven Reasons Why a BCLS Library Card is a Back-to-School Essential

| Burlington County Library

College students are used to making a dollar stretch. This might mean lots of microwavable ramen dinners or finding half-priced movie tickets. But did you know your local library can be an invaluable tool in the college starter pack? You can do any of the following with a BCLS library card:

1. Get Your Stream On

Why Netflix and chill when you can Kanopy and ruminate? A BCLS library card will give you access to the streaming service’s 30,000-movie title library. And with a focus on highbrow films (such as critically acclaimed movies, old school classics, documentaries, PBS, and more) you’ll be sure to refine your palette with Kanopy.

2. Find Your Sanctum

If your roommate is cramping your style and the library on campus isn’t quiet enough, why not give BCLS a shot? Many of our branches have meeting rooms or study spaces that can be booked up to a month in advance, either in-person, online, or over the phone. We also have study carrels and other quiet spots where you can get your study on.

3. Print to Your Heart’s Content

No printer? No problem! Come to a BCLS branch for your printing needs, either from our public computer terminals or a personal device, such as a phone, laptop, or tablet. For only 10 cents for black-and-white pages (or 20 cents for color), it’s hard to find a better deal.

4. Learn a New Language

Spring-breaking in Buenos Aires? Studying abroad in Stockholm? Sign up for Pronunciator with a BCLS card! This will grant you access to learning materials, including speech analysis and live instruction, for more 160 languages. Bonne chance!

5. Take in the Local Culture with a Museum Pass

If you want to experience firsthand the difference between Manet and Monet, spot some cheetah spots, or step straight into history, take advantage of the library system’s Museum Pass program. With your library card, you can schedule an excursion to a number of cultural institutions in NJ, NY, and PA without having to pull out your wallet.

6. Consult with the Experts

Having trouble determining what kind of computer you need, or the best car to daydream about buying? Skip the online listicles and check out Consumer Reports. A go-to resource for comparison shopping, Consumer Reports can help you find your next…whatever!

7. Study, Study, Study

After all, what is school without studying? Whether searching for scholarships, cramming for your next exam, or trying to learn a new skill altogether, BCLS has you covered. Our patrons have access to databases like Health Source, Peterson’s Test and Career Prep, and Udemy that can help prepare you for whatever comes next.

Haven’t quite found what you are looking for here? Check out our website for links to other resources, upcoming events, reading lists, and so much more!

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