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With summer right around the corner, many teens and young adults are on the hunt for that perfect summer job to earn extra money, or an exciting internship that will help build a resume. BCLS is ready to help with a series of upcoming blog posts featuring tips and recommendations for each step of the search.

So where do you start?

First, consider your options and look for a position at a place of employment where you feel you will be motivated to perform. A person who enjoys interacting with others may choose to pursue a customer service position at a retail store or in the food service industry. Someone who is drawn to computers may be happier in a data entry position. Comfortable with kids? How about a job in child care?

Other things to consider are personal goals. If you hope to jumpstart your future with an internship or apprenticeship that could lead to a long-term career, you may want to narrow your search to places that offer those opportunities. Bottom line - start with your strengths and set goals!

BCLS offers job search resources such as Feguson’s Career Guidance Center and the Job Search Engine through the Job and Career Accelerator. There are also many websites that feature job postings, which can be searched by industry or by location, and many link directly to an application, including and Don’t forget that all of our libraries have public computers you can use for free.

An alternative to an online job search is going directly to a business or organization to ask if any positions are available. While you may be directed to the organization’s website to complete an online application or submit a resume, you might get the opportunity to speak directly to a manager. Being able to introduce yourself face-to-face and make a good impression gives you an advantage over other applicants.

Stay tuned for the second post in our job search series, which will offer tips and guidance for compiling an application and resume.