BCLS Foundation Board Member, Holly Srogota admires the work of an attendee

Sparking Creativity

| Burlington County Library

Paint, Party & Uncover Your Inner Artist fundraiser

The BCLS Foundation hosted its Paint, Party & Uncover Your Inner Artist fundraiser in February with a full attendance of artists-in-training. Participants selected from a range of glass bottles and wine, pub and martini glasses before setting to work painting and creating their personal masterpieces. Program host Lily Doyle also provided supplies, including paint templates to spark inspiration, and foundation board members Vinessa Milando, Holly Srogota and Ashley Eural mingled with attendees and offered coffee and desserts while thanking them for supporting the fundraising efforts!

With the success of this program, look for another opportunity to spark your inner creativity when a similar fundraiser is held in the fall.

The Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization with a mission to support and shape the libraries within the Burlington County Library System. The group co-hosts the annual book festival with the library and uses programs like this to build funds that support library initiatives.

Audience: Adult
Arts & Crafts