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Magic at your Fingertips with Magic Desktop

| Burlington County Library

Magic Desktop presents a safe and secure environment for children to play games, watch educational videos, solve puzzles and more. While engaging with Magic Desktop, children are able to learn proper desktop computer operation, like using a mouse and engaging with software. They are able to navigate the games and videos on their own, improving their computer skills while being entertained. The magic:  they’re having fun while learning in a completely safe online space! 

Magic Desktop can be found on several computers located in the Youth Services or Children’s section of the library; just look for the wizard hat posted on select computer monitors!

To access the software, your child will need a library card number and pin, just like the adults. Once your child is logged in, look for the Magic Desktop icon and let the magic commence. It will probably take kids less than a minute to start exploring, but if parents or caregivers have any questions, librarians are more than happy to assist.  

Check out some of the fun Magic Desktop features below:

  • While using Magic Desktop, children are able to watch educational videos featuring some of their favorite characters, like Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig.  
  • Children can safely “browse the internet” on approved sites like National Geographic. 
  • Even the wallpaper on Magic Desktop is interactive so there is a lot of exploring involved, improving children’s tech competency.  
  • If you want to improve your child’s math skills, the Ge Academy offers academic games and quizzes.  
  • Children can paint and draw digitally, creating their own art and design. 
  • There are thousands of games available; your child can use Magic Desktop each visit and never get bored! 
  • Parents can be assured that their children are in a safe online environment, learning while playing and gaining valuable computer expertise. 

The best part of Magic Desktop is that children will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning! Plus, parents can be assured that their children are exploring safely without fear of accidentally opening something age-inappropriate. That’s the magic of the Magic Desktop. Head to your favorite BCLS branch and experience the magic for yourself! 

Magic Desktop on a computer

Find the Magic Hat to join the fun! 

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