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Learning about the Revolutionary War and the independence of the American colonies from Great Britain doesn’t have to be just about the history books. The highly popular founding father Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

What better way is there to learn Revolutionary War history than by experiencing it the way Benjamin Franklin suggested? Patriots Week is held annually from December 26 to December 31, the week between Christmas and New Year's, and attracts thousands of visitors to Trenton and the surrounding areas. Attendees enjoy more than 70 events, including battlefield reenactments, living history activities, historical tours, a pub crawl, a colonial ball, lectures, films, art and music.

There’s a rich history of our founding fathers and mothers living in Bordentown City. Some revolutionary war influencers were Declaration of Independence signer Francis Hopkinson; Francis’ son Joseph, author of our first national anthem, Hail Columbia; Common Sense publisher Thomas Paine; and wax sculptor turned alleged American spy Patience Wright.

On December 27, Bordentown Library will feature two family-friendly programs. At 2 pm, during Songs of the Revolutionary Era, sing along with reenactors as they sing Revolutionary War ditties and expound on anecdotes celebrating events that inspired independence. At 6:30 pm, an extraordinary George Washington reenactor will recall the strategic role Bordentown played in the Ten Crucial Days Campaign that changed the course of history. Hear from George as he discusses how Bordentown was home to a signer of the Declaration of Independence and how the town witnessed and contributed to a unique advancement in naval technology – but paid a dear price for the privilege. The Bordentown Library Association is proudly sponsoring this program entitled George Washington Remembers: When War Came to Bordentown.

We look forward to seeing you during our unforgettable Patriots Week events at Bordentown Library!