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'Tis the season to pack up the kids and take a drive to visit relatives for the holidays, or on a fun family adventure during the winter break from school. But let’s face it, any amount of time spent in the car during the holiday season can be stressful, especially with kids as passengers. To help keep the drive merry, we’d like to introduce you to a book format you might not know about: the audiobook.

Audiobooks are available for a wide range of audiences and when you find the right story combined with the perfect narrator… well, magic happens. Not only is listening to a story entertaining, it also helps children expand their vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. A good narrator is necessary to bring a story to life and captivate an audience for a long period of time, which makes a road trip the perfect opportunity for this format. This is sometimes a hard combination to find if you aren’t familiar with audiobooks and we’re here to help with that!

Audiobooks are available to borrow with your library card and are offered in multiple formats: CDs and digital download through the Libby app on a smartphone or tablet. Limit the format to audiobook when searching our catalog or explore what's available in our digital collection.

The books listed above are perfect for everyone, but if you're looking for more selections, check out this some of these recommended reads for grown-ups! Audiobooks are a great way to break up long trips or even to make a cleaning day feel less like work.