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AP Testing

Advanced Placement classes and exams earn students college credits and make you stand out in college applications. There’s no better way to start practicing than by visiting your local library! Check out one of these prep books and schedule time in a study room to prepare yourself. 

AP U.S. History Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Show off your U.S. History knowledge from 1491 to the present with The Princeton Review’s prep book. Take three full-length practice tests, review primary sources, and access online extras. 

AP World History: Modern Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

From 1200 CE to present, AP World History covers a lot of human history. That’s why it’s important to make sure you pick up this prep book to review the thousands of years of information you’ll need to remember. Use three full-length practice tests, the online extras, and the content reviews to get that five. 

AP English Language and Composition Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Finish out your year of evidence-based essay writing by scoring a five on your AP exam. This study guide from The Princeton Review will guide you through 5 full-length practice tests and help you craft a complex argument through writing. 

AP Psychology Premium Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Show off your knowledge of cognitive psychology, motivation, and other psychological concepts by getting a five on your AP Psychology test. Practice using five full-length practice tests and learn how to best pace yourself through the exam. 

AP Statistics Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Increase the probability of getting a five on your AP test using The Princeton Review’s study guide! Containing four full-length practice tests, thorough reviews of all content, and strategies to tackle every question, you’ll be ready for anything.

AP Economics Micro & Macro Prep (2022) by The Princeton Review

With four full-length practice tests, this study guide from the Princeton Review will help prepare you for the ninth and tenth grade AP tests for Economics. In macroeconomics you’ll review big picture economics concepts, while in microeconomics you’ll be asked to analyze the behavior of individuals in an economic system. 

AP Calculus AB Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Be ready to tackle the Calculus I AP exam with five full-length practice tests, online drills, and pre-college information. For the Calculus BC test, you’ll want to find that book which includes the drills in this guide. 

AP Computer Science A Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

You’ve begun your coding and programming journey, now it’s time to get that college credit. Use this guide from The Princeton Review and take five full-length practice tests with access to additional online tools.

AP Biology Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Three full-length practice tests, testing strategies, and content reviews can be found in this AP Biology Prep book. Review how to use the scientific method, cell structures and functions, and analyze biological data. 

AP Chemistry Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Get a perfect five with this AP Chemistry book from Princeton Review! You’ll study by taking four full-length practice tests, learning targeted strategies, and reviewing concepts like chemical reactions, thermodynamics, and describing chemistry experiments.

AP Physics 1 Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

You’ve used your geometry and Algebra II concepts to help get you through AP Physics 1, now it’s time to take down that test. Use this prep book and complete two full-length practice tests with thorough answer explanations and you’ll be sure to ace the exam. 

AP Physics C Prep (2023) by The Princeton Review

Planning on becoming a future engineer? Then, you better start preparing for the AP Physics C exam. Get a perfect 5 by practicing with three full-length practice tests and bonus online content. 


SAT and ACT testing occurs year round, so it's never a bad time to start studying! Use the books below to help you knock these tests out of the park. 

SAT Study Guide Premium (2023) by Brian W. Stewart M.Ed.

The SAT has gone digital, and Barron’s Premium SAT Study Guide will help you succeed in many aspects of it. This guide provides examples and eight full-length practice tests in paper format, but will give you the same strategies and review as the digital test. In addition, you can take the online timed test to really hone your skills. 

SAT Prep (2022) by The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review’s SAT Prep book from 2022, provides six full-length practice tests, strategies for answering questions, reviews of exam content, and much more. Using this prep book will make you more successful and the SAT less daunting. NOTE: as of June 2021, the SAT no longer has the optional essay component.

10 Practice Tests for the SAT (2022) by The Princeton Review

Taking these practice tests will not only give you practice in testing strategies, but will also help your pacing during the timing of the test. This book of practice tests supplements The Princeton Review’s 2022 SAT Prep Book. NOTE: as of June 2021, the SAT no longer has the optional essay component.

ACT Prep Plus 2024 by Kaplan North America

Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus book provides five full-length practice tests, pre-quizzes and practice quizzes after each chapter, and a year of access to the online center with additional questions and videos. With this book, you’ll be sure to get a higher score on the ACT.

Other tests

GED Test Prep (2024) by The Princeton Review

Get that GED credential on the first try with this Test Prep book. With two full-length practice tests, strategies for all question types, and 860 drill questions, you’ll be sure to get this High School Diploma equivalency. 

7 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests (2023) by Ruveneco Inc.

Enrolling in medical school? You’ll need a good score on the MCAT to go to the med school of your dreams. With over 1600 practice questions, you’ll study with detailed answer explanations and in-depth reviews of biochemistry, biological systems, and more. 

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