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Learn to Speak Legalese With Westlaw

| Burlington County Library

We all interact with the American legal system nearly every day, on many different levels. This could include:

  • Brushing up on our rights as a tenant in a landlord dispute.
  • Determining how utilities can bill us and how we can dispute charges.
  • Engaging in arbitration with our employer.
  • Reading nationally impactful decisions from the Supreme Court.

And learning about all of these topics can be accomplished at the library thanks to Westlaw.

Pick a Practice Area or Search by Subject

Thomas Reuters Westlaw is a one-stop shop for all your burning legal questions. With both national and New Jersey specific resources, you can be sure you’re covered regardless of what court you find yourself in. Finding what you need is a snap; you can easily use the search bar to drill down directly on the specific information you’re after, weeding the results to narrow in on relevant and available content. Or, click on the “Practice Areas” tab on the homepage to select the subject of your search, where options range from “Admiralty & Maritime” to “Workers Compensation.”

Cite Cases or Find Forms

Westlaw is an incredibly robust tool. Users have access to rulings going back decades (or even centuries), which is helpful for finding important federal and state courts cases in New Jersey or tracing the winding path of legal history to determine how laws have developed over time. Westlaw lists the most up-to-date administrative code, which dictates the rules and regulations in the state. These are wide ranging statutes that cover topics from construction to education to healthcare, enabling users to learn their rights and responsibilities. Maybe the most useful feature to users is the FormFinder page. Search for legal forms by location, topic, or source, along with information contextualizing and summarizing the forms.

Be Your Own Judge with Westlaw

While not a tool for finding legal advice, Westlaw provides access to the cases and codes that make up the structure of our legal system. It aids in understanding the rules that govern our state, finding relevant legal forms, and giving users the opportunity to conduct their own legal research. Since Westlaw is only accessible at the library, be sure to check out our other legal resources, too.

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