Girl experiencing virtual reality

Investing in New and Emerging Technologies

| Burlington County Library

The BCLS Foundation is committed to its Technology for All campaign and continues to invest in it. This special fund ensures technology is accessible to all at our libraries regardless of ability, income or access. With past donor support you have helped fund Chromebooks for lending, worked with partners to collect, refurbish and distribute used computers to those in need and supported the Mobile Learning Lab, a library service that takes basic digital skills training on the road to partner sites throughout Burlington County.

In our next phase we want to ensure new and emerging technology is available and accessible to all in our community! You can donate now to our special Technology for All fund and help launch a program educating the community about Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for many years but largely inaccessible to most people. The technology has been used in a vast number of experiential learning settings but many are still discovering its capabilities. Did you know you could use VR to simulate flight, play music rhythm games, explore Machu Pichu or scale the icy landscape of Mount Everest! All without leaving your home.

While it’s linked mostly with gaming enthusiasts, many industries and professions use VR for applications as far and wide as simulating a busy emergency room to train medical professionals or providing an environment to build public speaking confidence in front of a virtual live audience. The applications are endless and we want to bring this program to the Burlington County community.

With your funding support the BCLS Foundation would like to help launch a Virtual Reality program at the Burlington County Library. Your monetary support will fund equipment and software allowing participants to receive training by library staff on the use of the specialized equipment. After a brief training, program attendees would be able to navigate and immerse themselves in a number of experiential settings.

Audience: Adult Teens
Computer Skills / Digital Literacy

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