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Digital Literacy at Your Library

| Burlington County Library

Digital inclusion is the process of creating equitable access to, and opportunity with, digital technologies, especially those required to participate in modern society. One element of digital inclusion is ensuring that everyone has the digital literacy skills needed to understand how to use technology and access information. Providing learning opportunities is part of our mission at BCLS, and there are many ways we are working to promote digital literacy skills!

Currently, BCLS offers group computer classes and one-on-one appointments at our branches, and offsite instruction throughout the county via our Mobile Learning Lab. Everyone is welcome to participate in these learning opportunities. Please sign up and spread the word to those who could benefit!

Computer classes focusing on various topics are offered at each branch on a regular basis. Topics include computer basics, resume writing, introduction to the internet, Microsoft Word, and introduction to email. More topics will be added as the year progresses! To sign up for a class at your local branch, check out our events page. Classes are held for small groups and are a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge or learn new skills.

If you have a more specific topic you’d like to focus on or prefer individualized attention, a one-on-one appointment is for you! You can check the one-on-one appointment section of our website to look for available one-hour timeslots at your preferred location. When you sign up, you can select one of the topic options or write what you’d like to focus on in the appointment. Some recent customer appointments focused on creating a resume, learning Excel, improving smartphone skills, and learning how to use our Pronunciator resource. You can sign up on our website or ask a staff member to assist with setting up an appointment.

Audience: Adult Seniors Teens
Lifelong Learning