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Connecting You to: Udemy

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Get Started

  1. Head to Udemy
  2. Click “Sign In/Create a Udemy Account.”
  3. Click the blue sign-up link and fill out the form.
  4. You’ll receive a verification email.
  5. Click “Enter a verification code” and enter the code.
  6. Welcome to your dashboard; here you can see your weekly streak, your courses and your certifications!

Search For a Topic

Let’s say you want to learn about history. A quick search for “history” in the search bar turns up a lot of results, but there are ways to narrow them down with some handy filters. You can limit your search by language, more narrow topics like U.S. History, skill level, user ratings, video length, and even availability of subtitles to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many of Udemy’s courses are business-oriented and designed to help you develop new skills for your professional life. Here are some of the many ways Udemy can help:

  • Improve your job skills with courses in communication, sales, finance and more!
  • Prepare for a certification like Customer Relationship Management or Cybersecurity.
  • Or make a career switch and learn something new!

Udemy isn’t only for business, though. You can learn about math, science, history, a foreign language and more. Whether you want to brush up on a subject for school or just for fun, you’ll find something interesting on Udemy. Here are some history courses that may interest you:

  • US / United States History - Prehistory to Reconstruction is a highly rated course with 11 mostly hour-long videos covering the history of the United States from well before the founding of the country up to the late 1800s. You’ll learn about America’s first inhabitants, the arrival of Europeans, the Revolution, the early republic, the Civil War, and so much more! 
  • Art History Renaissance to 20th Century is another highly-rated, comprehensive course available on Udemy. You’ll learn about the origins of the Renaissance and the most influential artists and artistic movements from then until all the way up through the 1900s.

If you’d rather cool off at the Burlington County Library instead of at home, you can also benefit from Udemy by signing up for one of our Learning Circles. Lasting about an hour-and-a-half and led by a staff member, our Learning Circles are a great way to learn something new and discuss it with others face-to-face. Many Learning Circles use Udemy, such as the upcoming Interior Design Learning Circle in August or the Internet Safety Learning Circle in September. We hope to see you there!    

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