A black & white photo of two people work on solving issues together with their laptops.

Ask a Librarian!

| Burlington County Library

You may notice the librarian at your local branch sitting at a desk. They may look busy typing on a computer or talking on the phone, but they are ready to answer your question!

Librarians can help with a variety of services, like finding a book or assisting with a computer database. But did you know they can also show you how your new smartphone works, how to fix your resume, and how to download books on your e-reader? You can ask a librarian at the information desk for help, or you can schedule an appointment with one to have your own personal information session.

You can also make an appointment with a librarian to assist you with genealogical research on Ancestry Library Edition, introduce you to our fabulous new language learning tool Pronunciator, or search for a company on Value Line Investment Center.

Audience: Adult Seniors Teens