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Though not an official federal holiday, Flag Day was first established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson to celebrate the adoption of “Old Glory” as the symbol of our country on June 14, 1777. In addition, the week of June 14 is recognized as “National Flag Week,” and citizens all over the country observe this holiday by flying the American flag for the entirety of the week.

Some American cities and organizations also hold parades and events in commemoration, and to honor everything our flag represents. In fact, in Three Oaks, Michigan, the holiday is celebrated over a three-day period with a parade, music, activities, and more.

If you want to participate in the observation of Flag Day this year, you can fly an American flag for the duration of the week, making sure that the flag is properly lit if left overnight. For more info on our national flag, visit the EBSCO Explora database or check out some of these patriotic selections.