Borrow a Book Club Request Form

Borrow a Book Club is a service provided by the Burlington County Library System enabling customers to easily organize a book discussion group for two or more people.

  • A bag currently checked in does not mean that the bag will be available at the time you would like it. Staff must first check the reserve list.
  • BCLS staff asks for requests to be made at least two weeks ahead to give ample time to check, request, and send bags (a month is even better).
  • Participants will be able to borrow a labeled canvas bag for a period of 8 weeks without the option for renewal.
  • You have one week to pick up your book bag before it is placed back in general circulation.
  • When a Borrow a Book Club bag is overdue, a $1.00 per day overdue fine will be applied with a maximum fine of $15.
  • If you would like to have your book bag delivered to a branch or member library location, it is necessary to request the bag.
    • Book bags can also be delivered to you at a Mobile Library stop.

BCLS cardholders, in good standing are eligible to participate. In addition to groups of friends and neighbors, we encourage representatives of associations, home schooling groups, faith-based organizations and youth groups to borrow a bag.