Say Goodbye to Overdue Fines

We're going fine free!

| Burlington County Library

Let’s start this summer of reading with great news!

We’re eliminating overdue fines just in time for you to begin tackling your summer reading goals. That means effective July 1, overdue fines for most library items, including books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, movies, video games and technology-on-loan will no longer accrue*. We want you to read more and worry less, so if you keep a book out for longer than its due date, you will no longer see daily fines on your account.

However, we encourage you to be courteous to your fellow library user and return your items on time**. Others may be waiting to borrow them and we want to make sure they enjoy library materials as much as you do! 

The elimination of overdue fines follows the introduction of our automatic renewal service last fall and both measures are aimed at encouraging library use. Studies show small fines do not encourage the timely return of items, and customers facing fines are more likely to never return to the library. Instead, eliminating overdue fines promotes equity and underscores our commitment to serving all residents by removing a barrier to our critical services.

In addition to the elimination of overdue fines, we are also forgiving past overdue fines. This ensures all accounts start with the same clean slate!

As always, we continue to strive to make our library services accessible, inclusive and equitable and feel this helps us adhere to that path.

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*Overdue fines will continue to accrue for select library items, such as Museum Passes, Borrow-A-Book-Club sets, Interlibrary Loan items and Classroom Kits.

**Accounts with unreturned items that go into a lost status will be locked until the items are returned or replacement fees are paid. Cardholders will be unable to borrow more items or download books or magazines in Overdrive/Libby.

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