A man sits, reading an open book.

We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices

| Burlington County Library

Our librarians support the community with resources and stories that reflect Burlington County’s diverse culture. Part of what we do best is guide customers to powerful text to inspire and fuel the fire of change in the hopes of creating a better world for generations to come. Certainly, it's no secret that books have the power to transport readers into worlds they've never seen. They also shed light on the personal stories of minorities and their struggle to peacefully exist in the land of the free where "all men are created equal."

When it comes to writing, both fiction and non-fiction, knowledge leads to acceptance by providing a window into different experiences and resulting in positive change. Education is the key to unlocking a peaceful existence and our librarians have combed the digital collection to curate booklists for customers wanting to learn more about other cultures or see themselves reflected in the stories they read.

Not sure where to start? This booklist should help elevate influential voices and inspire all ages to find their own paths to support our community and be brave enough to speak out about injustice to our neighbors.

Audience: All Ages
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