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Staff Picks 2024: Round 1

| Burlington County Library

Still Life (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Book 1) by Louise Penny
Recommended by: Nancy, Circulation at Cinnaminson Library
"While you don't have to read this series in order, from the beginning you meet characters and get to know them with each book. The stories are thought provoking. I look forward to her next book every time I finish one. I can't put it down and then I'm sorry when it’s over. Always worth the wait for the next book in this series."

The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel
Recommended by: Alexis, Library Assistant at Pemberton Library
"Yona is an incredible character and her story had me invested from the beginning. Her strength and willingness to help others while risking her own life, was amazing. I loved how everything came full circle in regards to her heritage. Excellent read for any historical fiction fan!"

The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nquyen
Recommended by: Jenn, Maple Shade Library
"This book explores the relationship between a mother whose first language is Vietnamese and son whose first language is English. The main character uses fairy tales to communicate with his mother and help her learn English. This book explores how language can be limiting, but how love and sentiment can remain in a relationship, even if there aren't the right words."

The Gown by Jennifer Robson
Recommended by: Nancy F., Cinnaminson Library
"This book is for Anglophiles! It is about the making of Queen Elizabeth II's wedding gown and takes place in the aftermath of World War II. It's a lovely story about working hard and rebuilding a life after living through the devastation of the war."

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi
Recommended by: Sarah, Youth Services at Maple Shade Library
"This short, YA fantasy novel is stunning and demands to be read in one sitting! The main character, Jam, must answer the question: how do you save the world from monsters if no one will admit they exist? You only need to read the first page to understand how beautiful and captivating the writing is."

Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama by Bob Odenkirk
Recommended by: Sam, Adult Services at Pemberton Library
"A candid and sincere portrait of trying to make it while staying true to your art. All celebrity memoirs should be as sweet, honest, and funny as this was. Bob Odenkirk is a treasure."

Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Recommended by: Nancy F., at Cinnaminson Library
"This is a laugh out loud story about a busy literary agent city girl who takes her sister to a small town for a little adventure. It's very surprising to the main character and reader when the small town starts to resemble the fictional town of the agent's bestselling title!"

The Nice House on the Lake by James Tynion IV & Álvaro Martinez Bueno
Recommended by: Rick, at Pinelands Library
"The Nice House on the Lake is one of the best things I've read this year. Tynion's story is unique, and genuinely surprising; and Bueno's artwork brings it to life perfectly. Highly recommend!"

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
Recommended by: Luis, Children's Services at Burlington County Library
"Hear me out: check out the audio book. The audio book is great! This is the type of book where you don't need to keep track of a complicated plot, but the things the three main characters learn as they live with and without each other will lead you to understand so many things about yourself and others at the end of each chapter."

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto
Recommended by: Susan, at Riverton Library
"When Meddelin Chan accidentally kills her blind date, her loyal mother and aunties rush to her rescue. This fun romp has everything: murder, mayhem and love set against the backdrop of luxurious wedding gone hilariously wrong."

Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw
Recommended by: Sam, Adult Services at Pemberton Library
"Nothing But Blackened Teeth gets to the point with gorgeous prose and a truly scary narrative. The Japanese haunted house story of my dreams."

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Recommended by: Nancy F., Cinnaminson Library
"This book features some very interesting (quirky) characters. Set in the 1960s, these characters are WAY ahead of their time and continually challenge social norms and expectations about gender roles. This book leaves the reader with lots to ponder. You may even learn a little chemistry too!"


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