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Short Stories

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Peach Pit: Sixteen Stories of Unsavory Women Edited by Molly Llewwllyn
Enjoy a stunning anthology of fierce and dangerous women. In these 16 stories, you’ll discover women at their most monstrous – as con artists and murderers, cutthroats and scalpers, ruled by ambition and grief and spite. Dressed to the nines in morally gray, the stories comprise an envelope full of teeth: each one distinct, unsettling, and sharp enough to rip out a throat.

The Best Mystery Stories of 2023 Edited by Amor Towles
This collection features well-known authors such as T.C. Boyle and up-and-comers such as Jessi Lewis, tales with famous crime-fighters (Jack Reacher and Sherlock Holmes), and a bonus story from the annals of mystery history by Edith Wharton. In short, there’s something for every reader of crime fiction, no matter his or her taste.

Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror Edited by Jordan Peele
Featuring an all-star roster of beloved writers and new voices, this is a master class in horror, and, like his spine-chilling films, preys on everything we think we know about our world . . . and redefines what it means to be afraid.

Short Novels of the Masters Edited by Charles Neider
This remarkable collection assembles 10 works by 19th and 20th century authors of America, Europe and the UK.

Under Her Eye: A Women In Horror Poetry Collection Edited by Lindy Ryan and Lee Murray
This is a showcase of poetry from some of the darkest and most lyrical voices of women in horror.

Harbor Lights by James Lee Burke
These stories take readers across North and Central America, including the Colorado plains, southern prisons, Central American oil rigs, and marshlands on the Gulf of Mexico. Though the plots diverge, they all share a darkness, a sadness, a feeling of desperation, and, also, a quiet belief in the power of everyday heroes.

Soul Jar: Thirty-One Fantastical Tales by Disabled Authors Edited by Annie Carl
This thrillingly peculiar collection sparkles with humor, heart and insight, all within the context of disability representation.

Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung
This wildly original debut from a rising star of Korean literature features surreal, chilling fables that take on the patriarchy, capitalism and the reign of big tech with absurdist humor and a (sometimes literal) bite.

Our Strangers by Lydia Davis
Artful, deft and inventive, this is a brilliant collection of short fiction. Delving into topics ranging from marriage to tiny insects, it’s a celebration of language and careful observation that once again confirms the author’s sincere love and mastery of the form.

On Girlhood: 15 Stories from the Well-Read Black Girl Library Edited by Glory Edim
This is a beautifully curated canonical work centering around the voices of young Black characters as they contend with innocence, belonging, love, and self-discovery.

Float Up, Sing Down by Laird Hunt
This is the story of a single day – but in that day, how much teeming life! The residents of this rural town have their routines, their preferences, their joys, grudges, and regrets. Gossip is paramount. Lives are entwined.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023 Edited by R.F. Kuang
These stories are brimming with bizarre and otherworldly premises. Women can't lie or fall in love. Fathers feed their children ghost preserves. Souls chase one another through animal incarnations. Yet these stories are grounded deeply in our reality. The result is a stunning, immersive, intensely felt experience, showing us less of what the world is, and more of what it could be.

Twice Cursed: An Anthology Edited by Marie O’Regan
This is a great collection for readers who want to dip their fantasy toes into stories filled with as much dread as wonder. It is filled with 16 stories that explore what happens after curses have been flung.

Into the Forest: Tales of the Baba Yaga Edited by Lindy Ryan
This collection of stories centered around the legendary character Baba Yaga is filled with transformation, retribution, magic and powerful women.

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