Shark in the ocean with pilot fish in front.

Shark Week

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Easy Fiction

Jaws: Big Shark, Little Boat! A Book of Opposites by Geof Smith
Any idea what’s living below the water, or above? Check out this book of opposites to discover!

Misunderstood Shark: Starring Shark! by Ame Dyckman
Poor Shark can never catch a break! He just wants to show off a little to the camera crew filming beneath the ocean, but they’re so afraid of him, he may never get the chance.

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist
Three little fish try their best to follow Mama’s rules and build big, strong houses. Read along to see which fish succeeds in this modern retelling of the classic Three Little Pigs tale.

Mother of Sharks by Melissa Cristina Marquez
Meli’s destiny is to become the Mother of Sharks. To do this, she must prove how misunderstood these creatures really are. This story takes you on an adventure through the deep sea and shows just how needed marine life is.

Shark Detective by Jessica Olien
Shark has been dreaming of becoming a detective and finally gets his chance. When a neighborhood kitty goes missing, Shark does everything in his power to crack the case, even if there are some bumps along the way!


Easy Reader Fiction

Shark Attack! by Cathy East Dubowski
Pick up this book to answer all of your shark questions. Find out why we need sharks, which sharks are the most deadly, and discover myths about different types of sharks. This book is sure to have answers for all young readers!

Shark-Cam by Margie Palatini
Follow the day in the life of a shark and see everything they get up to! Will they make new friends, meet any other marine life, or maybe even find themselves in danger! Check out this book to find out!

Clark the Shark: Friends Forever by Bruce Hale
Clark and Joey are the best of friends. But, when Clark ignores Joey’s feeling he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. How can Clark make things better with Joey and restore their friendship? Read along to find out!

Pedro and the Shark by Fran Manushkin
Sealife that can talk? Pedro can’t believe his class forgot him and suddenly he can understand sharks! This easy to read book takes the reader on a journey through the aquarium.

Super Sharks: A Lego Adventure in the Real World by Penelope Arlon
The LEGO Minifigurines take the reader on a journey deep into the sea. You’ll discover facts about all your favorite sharks and see some LEGO building ideas too!

Easy Nonfiction

I am the Shark by Joan Holub
Read along as different shark species introduce themselves. Each type of shark takes over as narrator and explains why they are the best shark in the ocean.

Sharks: What do Great Whites, Hammerheads, and Whale Sharks get Up To All Day? by Carlee Jackson
Ever wonder how different sharks spend their days? In this true tale, the reader will be taken on a journey by several different species to see how they spend a 24-hour period of time.

Ultimate Shark Rumble by Jerry Pallotta
Did you ever wonder who would win in a shark rumble? Sixteen different sharks are compared in this book to find out who the ultimate shark will be.

Great White Sharks by Claire Saxby
The ocean’s top predator has always been the great white shark. Follow along as a female great white travels through the ocean in hopes of protecting her family.

20 Fun Facts about Sharks by Heather Moore Niver
Did you ever wonder how many teeth a shark has? Ever wondered about the life-span of a hammerhead shark? In this fun-filled fact book, all of your shark questions will be answered!

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