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Romance Reads

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Even if the Sky is Falling edited by Taj McCoy
Six couples risk their hearts when they believe the world is coming to an end in this beguiling linked collection.

Sisters by the Sea: 4 Short Romances Set in the Sarasota, Florida, Amish Community by Wanda E. Brunstetter, Jean Brunstetter, Richelle Brunstetter & Lorine Brunstetter Van Corbach.
A delightful compilation of Amish fiction, this anthology should provide some enjoyable hours of reading, as well as a quick mental trip to the sunny beaches of Florida.

300,000 Kisses: Tales of Queer Love from the Ancient World edited by Seán Hewitt, illustrated by Luke Edward Hall
This is a landmark illustrated anthology of queer Greek and Roman love stories that reclaim and celebrate homosexual love and sensuality.

Her Amish Match by Patricia Davids & Carrie Lighte
Enjoy two stories of Amish romance; one involves amnesia and mistaken identity, the other a pretend courtship.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler
This grumpy-meets-sunshine contemporary rom-com features a woman on a race against time to reunite her best friend with her first love. After her friend Mrs. Nash dies, Millie is determined to take some of her ashes to Key West, where she's discovered that the woman Mrs. Nash thought had passed away decades ago is still living, though not for much longer.

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend by Emma Alban
The book is pitched as a Sapphic Parent Trap set during the Victorian era. It’s perfectly bonkers and shows more fidelity to Taylor Swift’s lyrics than it does to actual historical sources, but the sheer exuberance proves irresistible.

Can’t Let Her Go by Kianna Alexander
Two members of the same friend squad in Austin, Texas, Peaches Monroe and Jamie Hunt, push past the boundaries of friendship and into something deeper.

The Ladies Rewrite the Rules by Suzanne Allain
When a group of women discovers their names on a published list of eligible ladies, they join forces to wield it to their advantage. This is a fun, lighthearted Regency romp about changing society from the inside.

Protecting Her Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen
In this romantic mystery, Charlotte Duvall receives a cryptic letter from her father shortly before he dies, implying her mother's death was not an accident. Once she's back at her family's English home, Charlotte teams up with long-time friend John Ellis, the director of London's police, to investigate her mother’s death.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date by Ashley Herring Blake
A fake relationship after a horrible one-night stand is anything but an act in this witty and heartfelt romantic comedy.

For Never and Always by Helena Greer          
There’s one surprise inheritance, two best friends (now bitter exes), and three months to prove he loves her, forever and always, in this swoony second-chance romance.

Till There Was You by Lindsay Hameroff
Lexi meets Jake while he's playing in a New York City bar and dreaming of stardom, but after a one-weekend-stand, he ghosts her – only to reappear on the scene with a smash hit about Lexi and the blueberry pancakes she made for him. Set both in the chaos of fame and the high stakes world of New York City restaurants, this novel sprinkles in a second chance at love and a dollop of celebrity drama to create a romantic romp that will make even the most jaded reader smile.

Love, Unscripted by Denise Hunter
This escapist, summery beach read about a woman who scripted her perfect boyfriend but hates the actor playing him in the on-screen adaptation is perfect for fans of romance, women's fiction, and Hallmark movies.

New Adult by Timothy Janovsky
This love story not only thoughtfully explores the importance of a work-life balance and the power of humor, it also manages to get in a few clever digs at the concept of celebrity-lifestyle brands.

Red String Theory by Lauren Kung Jessen
In this charming rom-com about two star-crossed lovers, a woman whose life is guided by her belief in the red-string of fate finds her perfect match – but his skepticism about true love puts a knot in their chances.

Say You’ll Be Mine by Naina Kumar
My Best Friend's Wedding meets Never Have I Ever in this utterly charming, heart-stealing debut romance about two completely different people who get engaged under false pretenses.

Flirty Little Secret by Jessica Lepe
A Massachusetts guidance counselor who runs an anonymous Instagram account and a history teacher searching for a fresh start find camaraderie – and more.

Chef’s Kiss by Jarrett Melendez 818320
Watch things start to really heat up in the kitchen in this sweet, queer, new adult graphic novel!

A Long Time Coming by Megan Quinn
Agreeing to help his best friend Lia Fairweather-Fern with her hurried wedding plans, Breaker Cane discovers he might have feelings for the bride-to-be.

The Breakup Tour by Emily Wibberly
A rising star musician has a second chance at love with an old flame she remembers all too well in this swoony romance.

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