An African-American man stands with sticky notes on his face and the background. The notes on his face read "Norms, Expectations, Society"

National Day of Racial Healing

| Burlington County Library

Racism is devastating. It destroys communities, families and individual growth. Its impact on the collective is like a disease passed down generations. It separates, creating divisions. Racism at every level instills fear and ignorance. The National Day of Racial Healing, this year set for Tuesday, January 18, is a day to start the healing process.

For healing to begin, we need to first acknowledge the tragic history of systemic abuse on marginalized populations in the United States and have the courage to face, forgive and take unifying action to initiate dialog in a respectful and compassionate manner. Let's make this a day to celebrate unity through our unique heritage and history, and learn from our differences.

National Day of Racial Healing began in 2017 under the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) framework introduced by the Kellogg Foundation. It invites organizations and communities across the United States to come together in common humanity and take collective action to initiate racial healing and help create a more just and equitable world.

National Day of Racial Healing is a collaborative and collective endeavor to acknowledge racial injustice and initiate healing through shared experiences to build communication, understanding and respect for each other, irrespective of ethnic, identity group, race or religion.

Audience: All Ages
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