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May the Fourth Be with You, Always

| Pemberton Library

In the context of Star Wars, “May the Force be with you” is an expression of good luck and compassion, so it’s no wonder fans have clung to it since 1977. The first Star Wars Day festivities were held in 2011. Since then, Star Wars Day has grown into a worldwide celebration of a galaxy far, far away—the best part is, you can take that celebration home with you from any of our library locations!

Japanese posters for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back

Let’s start with the movies. Whether you’re a Star Wars newbie or a seasoned fan who knows which bounty hunter wears a uniform from an old Doctor Who episode, there are a few different ways you can approach the nine core films. If you’re watching for the first time, we recommend viewing in release order.

Once you’re ready to venture beyond the Skywalker Saga, check out the other two feature films in the Star Wars universe. Rogue One is set in the days prior to the events of A New Hope, while Solo gives us a glimpse into the past of everyone’s favorite scoundrel with a heart of gold. 

There are also a few Star Wars animated series that fill in the gaps between each trilogy. Clone Wars takes place during and after the prequels, Rebels is set in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and Resistance takes place just before The Force Awakens. And these animated series aren’t just for kid; each has a mix of fun characters and deep mythology that make them appropriate (and exciting) for all ages.

BB8, a droid from the Star Wars universe, looks into the camera.

The Star Wars universe isn’t just for watching, though. Continue the adventure with books and video games for everyone from padawans to Jedi masters—and from any era on the timeline. Like the animated series, many of the books cover the time in between the nine main films. Here you’ll find graphic novels, books for new readers, script novelizations and more.

And don’t forget to stop in to the Pemberton Library where you’ll find a Star Wars display throughout the month of May, plus free bookmarks featuring Chewbacca!

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