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Kanopy Changes Starting November 1st

| Burlington County Library

Kanopy is one of the Burlington County Library's most used digital resources. The ability to stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries that are often critically-acclaimed but lack "big studio" publicity, funding, and accessibility is something we at BCLS are thrilled to offer to our customers. Don't worry--Kanopy is not going anywhere! But there is a big change coming regarding how you choose what you watch per month. Let us explain:

  • Your 5 credits per month are turning into 15 $1 tickets per month
    • Everything on Kanopy will now have a "price". Most movies will "cost" $2 and so require two tickets. Movies from major studios, like MGM or Paramount, will be $4 and require 4 tickets. Episodic television will have a "cost" based on the total runtime of the whole season. The chart below shows the Standard Episodic Pricing breakdown:
      Running Time Ticket Requirement Viewing Period
      2 hours or less 2 3 days
      2-4 hours 3 3 days
      4-6 hours 4 7 days
      6+ hours 5 14-21 days


  • The Great Courses series now requires tickets to be used
    • Unfortunately, The Great Courses series is no longer being offered "free". Under the new system The Great Courses will be subject to the same kind of pricing as regular episodic television described in the chart above.
  • Kanopy Kids does not require tickets
    • If there is a little one in your life that enjoys Kanopy Kids you're in luck--offerings on Kanopy Kids will not require ticket use
  • You will be aware of ticket cost and viewing access window before you watch
    • You'll know before you press play how many tickets any particular thing will "cost", as well as how long you will have to watch. No surprises!


That's it. Nothing is going away content-wise. Everything you could watch before November 1st you'll still be able to watch after. We just have to get used to this new ticket system. You can always go to Kanopy's Help page for more information and, of course, please feel free to ask any library staff for help if you are having any problems. We are always willing to help!

Audience: Adult Kids Teens
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