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International Podcast Day

| Burlington County Library

It’s time to celebrate the power of podcasts! Mark your calendar for International Podcast Day on Sept. 30. Created by Steve Lee as a national holiday in 2014, Podcast Day became an international holiday the following year. Similar to radio broadcasts, podcasts are audio programs that you can listen to on demand, either on your computer or mobile device. From 2015 to 2020, International Podcast Day was celebrated each year with more than 200 hours of live streams from more than 100 nations. This year, while there are no longer live streams to mark the day, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate.

    Podcasts can range from a couple minutes to more than an hour in length, making them easy to enjoy while you’re tackling other activities. Another podcast bonus is that they are generally free! And with such a broad range of topics available to choose from, there are hours of entertainment to be found.

    Ready to celebrate International Podcast Day? Here are a few suggestions:
    • Start a Podcast!
    • Tell a friend about your favorite podcast.
    • Leave a review about your favorite podcast.
    • Use #InternationalPodcastDay on social media to get others talking about the day.
    • Find podcasts geared towards specific topics such as book lovers or movie buffs.
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