A Native American man has his portrait taken

Indigenous Peoples Day

| Burlington County Library

Did you know a year ago President Biden officially recognized Indigenous Peoples Day as a national holiday to be celebrated alongside Columbus Day? Indigenous Peoples Day is Oct. 10! It’s a day to honor and remember the original cultures of the Americas, the struggles they have faced and their continued resilience today.

If you want to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day by learning more about America’s indigenous peoples, look no further than Infobase – American Indian History. With information about more than 600 Native American groups and covering more than 15,000 years of history, this free database is an excellent source on Native American history and culture. It also features an easy-to-use interface that makes searching simple and stress-free.

We also have a wide selection of books and DVDs about the indigenous peoples of the Americas, their history and their cultures. Want to learn about the Lenape’s struggle against early New Jersey colonists? Check out Separate Paths: Lenapes and Colonists in West New Jersey by Jean R. Soderlund. Learn how to make bison tacos and wojape with The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman and Beth Dooley. Check out Native American comedians and the indigenous contributions to entertainment with We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans in Comedy by Kliph Nesteroff. And for kids, try any of the books by F.A. Bird, which each focus on a different indigenous tribe or culture group such as the Comanche, Iroquois, and Navajo.