A father and son sit outside in the sun both wearing jean jackets.

Fathers Day Books for Littles

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A Bed of Stars by Jessica Love
This reassuring picture book about finding one's place in the world follows a father as he takes his child on their first camping trip where he shows, under a blanket of stars, that the universe is a friendly place.

Dad and Daddy’s Big Big Family by Seamus Kirst
A girl goes to her Daddy's family reunion and finds that every family is connected by love.

Daddy & Me, Side by Side by Pierce Freelon
A father and young son recreate old memories and make new ones.

Daddy Dressed Me by Michael Gardner
Choosing to recite a poem for Move Up Day in her kindergarten class, Ava gets the confidence she needs with the help of her daddy.

Daddy Hugs by Daniel Howarth
In this adorable board book, Little Elephant and his daddy have fun together in the jungle.

Daddy’s Hugs and Snuggles by Linda Ashman
Featuring a diversity of families, this joyful ode to the special love between father and child captures all the precious moments throughout the day.

Duck, Duck, Dad? by Scobie Lorna
This paws-tively hilarious board book follows Ralph the dog as he unexpectedly becomes the new dad to a flock of ducklings and must learn to wing it.

Elmo’s Daddy Day by Andrea Posner-Sanchez
Little ones can lift the oversized flaps on every spread to join in the fun as Elmo and his dad spend the day baking, reading stories and playing at the playground.

Grandpas Are the Greatest by Ben Faulks
Celebrating all types of grandpas, because no two are exactly alike, this heartwarming book invokes a range of families and experiences.

How to Catch a Daddysaurus by Alice Walstead
Silly rhymes, illustrations and STEM concepts combine to tell a brave, kind and humorous story.

Hurry, Kate, or You’ll be Late! by Janice Harrington
Kate is late to preschool, but not because her daddy brushed her hair into poofs, or because she stopped to say hello to neighbors, or because of her daddy’s long goodbye hug.

I Love Grandpa with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
This celebratory picture book is the perfect way for little ones to show their Grandpa just how much they care.

My Day with Dad by Rae Crawford
A young child and their dad spend a fun-filled day together playing board games, riding bikes, flying kites and watching a movie.

The Nature Journal: A Backyard Adventure by Savannah Allen
Connecting with his busy dad over their love of nature, Tim goes through his dad’s old nature journals, which inspire him to go on adventures of his own.

One, Two, Grandpa Loves You by Shelly Becker
In this heartwarming picture book that captures the special bond between grandfathers and grandchildren, a girl and her grandfather set out on an outdoor adventure.

Papa’s Home by David Soman
With a mixture of classic and contemporary artwork, this delightful celebration of the bond between father and child reassures young readers that a father’s love is always strong, no matter where he is.

Quiet Time with My Seeya by Dinalie Dabarera
This book is a tender meditation on the unconditional love between grandfathers and grandchildren, despite their language barrier.

Ramen for Everyone by Patricia Tanumihardja
Setting out to make a perfect bowl of ramen after watching his dad and taking notes, Kiro finds things not going according to plan until his dad’s wise advice.

This is the First Book I Will Read to You by Francesco Sedita
Excited to read to his baby for the first time, a new dad opens the book –transporting them both into the soothing story.

What My Daddy Loves by Raissa Figueroa
Celebrating the warm love between black fathers and their children, this joyful picture book shows the bond between daddies and their children.

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