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Dinosaur Discovery

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Have You Seen My Invisible Dinosaur by Helen Yoon
Losing your friend is hard. It’s even harder when he’s invisible! Follow along as a little girl searches for her missing (invisible) dinosaur.

How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? by Jane Yolen
Learn to read with the Dinosaur Crew! The Dinosaurs practice positive reading habits while learning how to take good care of your books.

How Dinosaurs Went Extinct: A Safety Guide by Ame Dyckman
This hilarious picture book shows how dinosaurs went extinct. Maybe it was from running with scissors. Read and find out what really happened!

How to Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace
Catching dinosaurs is tough work, but it’s the only way to prove that they still exist! Check out this picture book to see if you have what it takes to nab one.

How to Spot a Dinosaur by Suzy Senior
Head to the park in this book featuring rhyming text to see if you can spot a dinosaur!

Norman’s First Day at Dino Day Care by Sean Julian
Norman is plenty nervous for his first day at Dino Day Care. He’ll just spend his day hiding, out of the way. As the day goes on, just maybe, he’ll come out of his shell.

That’s What Dinosaurs Do by Jory John
A dinosaur never misses a chance to ROARRRR and William is no different. William will be himself and be happy no matter what others think of him.

We Will Rock Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins
Penelope Rex loves rocking out on her guitar, but performing in front of a crowd makes her nervous. Will Penelope’s pals help her out? Follow along to see!

The Dinosaur Awards by Barbara Taylor
Celebrate 50 different types of dinosaurs and learn how to pronounce their names! Comics and illustrations break down all you need to know about the different dinosaur species.

Dinosaurs by Nate Ball
Part of the Let’s Investigate with Nate series, this book tells you how scientists dig up fossils, where different dinosaurs lived and what causes their extinction. 

Dinosaurs Can’t Roar: The Unbelievable True Story About Rex and Our Dino Friends! by Layla Beason
Rex and his friend, the Paleontologist, clear up a series of rumors and myths that have been started about the dinosaurs.

Exploring Dinosaurs by Jill McDonald
In this easy to follow book, you will learn about the different time periods dinosaurs existed. Also, dinosaur sizes, diet, body parts and more are broken down into easy reading facts and figures.

The Titanosaur: Digging Up the World’s Largest Dinosaur by Diego Pol
Did you ever hear of the Titanosaur? This was the largest, heaviest creature to ever roam the Earth. Read all about the Titanosaur and its life cycle!

In the Past by David Elliott
Written in a series of poems, this book covers not only the most known dinosaurs, but also different creatures from the prehistoric age.

Mega-Predators of the Past by Melissa Stewart
Tired of hearing just about the T. Rex? This book covers the lesser known dinosaurs of the prehistoric age. Readers are bound to discover a new favorite!

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