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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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The Man Who Could Move Clouds by Ingrid Rojas Contreras
In this enchanting multigenerational memoir about a Colombian American’s otherworldly family legacy, the author describes her story of being raised among mystics, mediums and healers. She shares her lineage going back to her Indigenous and Spanish roots, and how the violent and rigid colonial influence impacted her family. This book was nominated for the Best Memoir & Autobiography Goodreads Choice Award 2022.

The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende
Spanning a 70-year period, this moving and powerful novel on the effects of war and immigration is a testament of love and sacrifice parents make to save their children, and the resilience of children to hope, survive and keep dreaming.

Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood by Danny Trejo
Actor Danny Trejo recounts with open and unflinching detail his life growing up in an abusive home, his time in prison, and meeting some of the most notorious serial killers there. He shares how he found himself through spirituality while in solitary confinement, and later finding Hollywood and fame. Trejo is an inspiring portrait of an unforgettable and exceptional journey, rising from life’s most difficult moments into fame and success.

The Discreet Hero by Mario Vargas Llosa
Peruvian author and Nobel Prize winner Vargas Llosa’s 16th novel is as straightforward and as engaging as its hero Felícito Yanaque, a man who wakes up one morning to find himself the target of extortionists. This novel is filled with intrigue and politics.

Brown by Kamal Al-Solaylee
This is a daring exploration of what it means in today’s world to be “brown.” Taking reflections and stories from across 10 countries and four continents, including Latin America, Mexico, Caribbean, Middle East and South Asia, among others, the author shares the experience of brown-skinned persons within their own countries and in others that consider whiteness as indicators of beauty and success. This book challenges assumptions about immigration and race, from ordinary people caught in the middle.

The Book of Unknown Americans by Christina Henriquez
This novel about a family of immigrants who move to the United States to get help for their injured daughter is a love story, with struggles, sacrifices and risks for all involved. The author highlights relevant debates on current Latino immigration to the U.S.

Our Migrant Souls by Hećtor Tobar
What does it mean to be a “Latino?” This book shares personal experiences of people who identify as Latin American. It breaks down race and ethnicity as divisive forces in the U.S., evident through economic and racial inequity. The author also explores current conflicts such as the US-Mexico border wall, and urban segregations.

Flamin’ Hot by Richard Montanez
A biography turned into a film directed by Eva Longoria, this is the story of a Mexican American who rose from mopping floors at Frito-Lays factory to becoming an executive through determination and creativity to beat the odds stacked against him.

From Latin America to Hollywood 
This is the history of Latins and Hispanics in the movies from the beginning of the industry, through the decades of Latin silent matinee idols, the '40s Good Neighbor Policy, the turbulent '60s, and up through contemporary films.

Still Life with Bones by Alexa Hagerty
Anthropologist Author Hagerty brings to life the story of missing individuals by identifying remains, and helping bring closure to families looking for their loved ones. She works with forensic teams in South America to uncover genocidal and state sanctioned atrocities and murders through the study of remains in mass graves.

El Dorado (music CD) by Shakira 
This 2017 record, which packs a lot of different moods into 45 minutes, is anchored in Spanish-language songs; only three of the album's 13 tracks are sung in English with one song presented in both languages. It’s a lively list of Latin American dance-themed songs.

Nuestra América by Claudio Lomnitz-Adler
In this immigrant family’s memoir, the author, an eminent anthropologist and historian, traces his grandparents’ exile from Eastern Europe to South America. The book is also a pretext to explain and analyze the worldview, culture, and spirit of countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Chile, from the perspective of educated Jewish emigrants imbued with the hope and determination typical of those who escaped Europe in the 1920s.

City of God – (DVD film) Released by Miramax
According to film critic Robert Ebert, this movie churns with furious energy as it plunges into the story of the slum gangs of Rio de Janeiro. Breathtaking and terrifying, urgently involved with its characters, it announces a new director of great gifts and passions.

Mi Cocina: Recipes and Rapture from My Kitchen in Mexico by Rick Martinez
This book is a culinary journey through the various regions of Mexico, covering 32 states and 156 cities. Recipes highlight the diversity and complexity of the regions as author and chef Martinez brings together different ingredients from across Mexico and offers some rich and delicious creative recipes.

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands, 2022 by Isabel Albiston
Published by Lonely Planet, this travel book offers up-to-date information; all businesses were rechecked before publication to ensure they are still open after 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak. Color maps and images throughout highlight and help you tailor an itinerary to suit your personal needs and interests. Cultural insights provided give a richer, more rewarding travel experience.

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