Assorted book covers from the Armchair Adventures Reading List

Armchair Adventures for Cold Weather

| Bordentown Library

Love Z by Jessie Sima
Z is determined to find out what love means and if he can’t find the meaning from the other robots, he’ll set out to discover it!

Those Magnificent Sheep in their Flying Machine by Peter Bently
The sheep take to the skies in this journey around the world!

Herbie’s Big Adventure by Jenny Poh         
Herbie is setting out to explore all alone for the first time. As he travels, he’ll learn it’s not so bad out in the wild.

The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud
When Little Bear gets lost in the big city, Papa Bear searches high and low to find him and bring him home safely.

Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson
Join Boy and Bear as they set aside their differences and focus on the one thing they both love to do: explore!

Poopsie Gets Lost by Hannah E. Harrison
Poopsie is determined to find some adventure in her life and soon heads off into the great unknown!

Set Sail for Pancakes by Tim Kleyn
What to do when you have a craving for pancakes? You set out for a grand adventure to find your missing ingredients of course!

Oona by Kelly DiPucchio
Trouble is Oona’s middle name. She and her pal Otto encounter it all the time. Set sail with them to find out what they will discover next!

A Search for the Northern Lights by Elizabeth Rusch
What exactly are the northern lights? Alix is determined to find out! Along with the help of her mom, Alix soon embarks on a journey to see the northern lights before they disappear.

Fox and the Box by Yvonne Ivinson  
How many ways can one simple box be used? Read along as Fox discovers endless ways to travel the world!

Captain Jack and the Pirates by Peter Bently
Three friends set sail in search of treasure but quickly encounter trouble! Will they work together to defeat the enemy pirate ship and find the buried treasure? Check out this title to find out!

Nimesh the Adventurer by Ranjit Singh
On the way home from school, Nimesh encounters sharks, dragons and more!

A Page in the Wind by Jose Sanabria
When the wind sends a little newspaper flying in all different direction, the paper gets to experience new uses.

Henri’s Hats by Mike Wu
Henri finds a chest full of hats and as he tries each one on, his papa shares stories of all his past adventures.

Penguin’s Big Adventure by Salina Yoon 464466
Penguin is determined to be the first penguin to explore the North Pole! Follow along as Penguin conquers his fears and completes his goal.

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