A kitten yawns.

Adopt-a-Cat Month

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If you were lucky enough to grow up with a cuddly cat of your own, or just have fond memories hanging out with a feline friend or two, you may be interested to know that June is Adopt-a-Cat Month! It’s also the height of “kitten season” when large litters of kittens often end up in animal shelters. That makes Adopt-a-Cat Month a great time to adopt a pet cat. It’s also a great time to learn which type of cat is best for you, how to make your home cat-friendly, and how to care for your furry friend.

A Kid's Guide to Cats

If you’re thinking about bringing a cat or kitten into your home with young children, consider exploring our juvenile collection. We have a lot of great stories that are a perfect way to introduce children to cats:

I Found a Kitty! by Troy Cummings

This is a sweet tale about finding a homeless kitten. It also offers some great tips for how children should interact with stray cats.

A Kid's Guide to Cats by Arden Moore

Pick up this non-fiction book to learn how to provide a safe, healthy environment, deliver daily care, and ensure positive interactions and rewarding, long-term relationships with feline friends.

Cats by Cari Meister

Early readers who check out this book will learn all about the responsibilities of having a cat, and find out how they can keep their pet healthy and happy.

Why Do Cats Meow?: Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pet by Nick Crumpton

Children have lots of questions about their favorite pet. How long have people kept cats? Why do cats like scratching chairs? What does “meow” mean? Do cats have nine lives? Pick up this non-fiction titl to find out.

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