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Ace that Test with Peterson's Test & Career Prep!

| Burlington County Library

As college application deadlines and SAT dates fast approach, the Burlington County Library is connecting you to an excellent resource to help customers succeed. Peterson’s Test & Career Prep can help you ace a test, find a scholarship, get career advice or discover your college match. 


Standardized testing starts at a young age, but with this free resource practice and learning comes easy. Peterson’s Test & Career Prep has online courses, practice tests, tutorials and video learning for many ages!  Below you’ll find some of what Peterson’s has to offer for math, science, reading, and writing practice: 

  • Math quizzes for grades 6-8 and 9-12
  • Science quizzes for grade 9-12
  • Math tutorials in arithmetic, fractions, algebra and trigonometry.
  • Math video tutorials for probability, scientific notation, and more. 
  • Reading & writing practice tests for grades 6-12

At the High School level, take practice exams for Advanced Placement classes. Some of the tests available are: 

  • Chemistry
  • Calculus 
  • Geography
  • English
  • Physics
  • Art History

College Assessments

Preparing for that daunting SAT? Peterson’s can help you study! The SAT Course will help you understand how the SAT is structured and scored as well as give you tips and tricks for getting a great score. In addition, here are some of the topics covered to help you take down the SAT successfully: 

  • Evidence-Based Reading Strategies and Techniques
  • Math and Problem Solving Strategies
  • Trigonometry in the SATs
  • SAT Flashcards


If you’re opting to take the ACT, Peterson’s Test & Career Guidance can help there too! The ACT course will teach you the structure and scoring of the ACT, and provide guidance on the optional writing component. You’ll also see these topics and more: 

  • ACT Pre-Assessments to help you determine where you should focus the most
  • Reading question types and content based reading strategies
  • Science question types and strategies for answering them
  • Practice ACT tests

College Admissions

Just starting out on your college search? Use the School Search option to help in your search! Filter schools based on area of study, admission difficulty, location, tuition, school size, and testing requirements. Read up on their location, find admissions contacts, and more. 

How about scholarships? Using the same search engine, check out the scholarships available based on a number of factors. Determine what scholarships you’re qualified for based on ethnicity, sex, state of residence, and area of study. Further filter scholarships by award type, amount, state of study, and school type. Save these to “My Scholarships” and keep track of application deadlines, who to contact, and eligibility requirements. 

With Peterson’s Test & Career Prep, you’ll be able to boost your college search and start on a successful career track. 


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