ASL: Basics for Beginners - Part 2 (Virtual)

This 4-week course expands upon American Sign Language: Basics for Beginners – Part 1. It is presented by Theresa A. King, a sign language instructor from Signing Basics.

You’ll learn phrases such as:

  • “Hello, how are you?” and, “Hello, what’s up?”
  • Responses: “I’m fine,” “I’m okay,” “I’m tired,” “I’m sick,” etc.
  • Times of day: morning, afternoon, evening, today, tomorrow, yesterday, etc.
  • Places you go to: vacation, school, college, weddings, parties, the gym, etc.
  • When and what a person will do, plus responses: “Tomorrow, you do what?” “Oh, I see!” “Nice.” “Sorry.”
  • Additional ASL sentences that bring together the signs you learn in class.

Registration is required. Singing up for one class does NOT sign you up for all classes. Class dates include Dec. 5th, 12th and 19th. Due to scheduling, the fourth ASL: Basics for Beginners - Part 2 class will be taking place in January 2023. You should be prepared to attend this 4-week class in its entirety. Due to the limited number of registrations, please cancel your registration if you can no longer attend. This event will be hosted on Zoom.

ASL: Basics for Beginners – Part 1 will be offered in November 2022. It will be 4-week course that prepares you for Part 2. Participation in Part 1 is strongly encouraged but not required in order to participate in Part 2.

Please note, while your microphone will remain muted, Theresa would like you to turn on your camera for the visual nature of this class.

Audience: Adult Seniors Teens
Type: Sponsored Event, Virtual
Hands in the midst of signing ASL
Monday, 12/19/2022
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


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