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Although few of us may be traveling right now, we can still immerse ourselves in other cultures around the world through the large music collection in Kanopy, the library system's video streaming service.

Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti shares criticism of Nigeria’s military juntas alongaside a hypnotic fusion of James Brown-style funk, jazz and traditional West African beats. Music is the Weapon captures him at the height of his power in 1982, perfomring at his legendary Lagos nightclub The Shrine. Genghis Blues follows the journey of American blues singer Paul Pena to Central Asia to witness the mind-blowing ancient tradition of Tuvan throat. The poignant Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten looks back at Cambodia’s vibrant music scene in the 1960s with its fertile mixture of Western rock and pop and traditional Khmer themes. If visiting South America is on your list, then check out Argentina. Carlos Saura explores the heart of the country’s folkloric traditions through a wide array of lavishly shot indigenous and Spanish-influenced music and dance.