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Improve your ability to use Microsoft Word 2019 by taking the course on Simply visit our list of Online Resources, A to Z  and scroll down to This will allow you to track your Learning Path and create playlists of courses youre interested in, simply by entering your BCLS barcode and PIN!

As with every course offered by, Word 2019 Essential Training is divided into sections allowing you to start and stop at your own pace. Beginning with instructions on opening, closing and reading documents, your instructor will walk you through easy to follow visual steps. If you don't have speakers or would rather read along, text is also displayed alongside each video. Learn the basics of editing with step-by-step instructions on popular features such as cut, copy, paste, and rearrange text.

If you know the basics and want to skip ahead,'s courses are great for that too. Choosing to start with the section on formatting will showcase how to change the style of your text including color, font, capitalization and more. Additional sections cover line spacing, bulleted lists, columns, as well as inserting shapes, graphs and images. Those looking for some practice can access the easy-to-do guide alongside the course.

Whether you're writing a memo or building a resume, this course will provide you with the skills and strategies needed to maximize Word 2019! If you're looking for help getting started with Microsoft Office and many other programs, is perfect for every skill level. The best part is that all of it is free with your library card!