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Looking for something new to read?
We’ve put together a selection of recent and upcoming autobiographical releases by women.
Learn more about their lives and experiences – in their own words.

Literary critic and scholar Emily Bernard has released her first essay-style memoir Black Is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother's Time, My Mother's Time and Mine. She explores themes of race, gender and class while reflecting on her experiences growing up in the South, earning her PhD from Yale and now teaching in New England.

Professor and author of Into the Go-Slow Bridgett M. Davis has released her memoir The World According to Fannie Davis: My Mother's Life in the Detroit Numbers. She tells the story of growing up in Detroit during the 1960s and ‘70s, specifically focusing on her relationship with her extraordinary mother who was a banker – and a bookie, and who fought hard for the safety and success of her family.

Eva Hagberg Fisher’s debut memoir How to Be Loved: A Memoir of Lifesaving Friendship follows her journey with a sudden brain injury at age 30 and the connections that brought her out of isolation and ultimately through recovery.

Grammy Award-winning musician Olivia Newton-John is set to release her memoir, Don't Stop Believin' on March 12. She chronicles her life through Grease, battling cancer, and finding strength and fulfillment in all areas of her life through her musical career and advocacy.

In her debut book, All the Lives We Ever Lived: Seeking Solace in Virginia Woolf, Katharine Smyth transcends genre by combining memoir, biography, and literary criticism. Smyth processes the death of her father through specific memories, such as reading Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse by his side. She zooms out from her own memories to analyze the life and works of Woolf, as well as the broader ways that reading literature allows us to understand our individual lives.

Actor and author of Any Man (2018), Amber Tamblyn is set to release her memoir, Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution (March 5). Part memoir – part feminist manifesto, Tamblyn reflects on how her personal struggles have informed her values that she channels into advocacy for positive change.

The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After was written by Julie Yip-Williams in the last years of her life as she processed all that led up to her fatal cancer battle. She reflects on the journey of her life story from growing up as a refugee – to eventually becoming a Harvard-educated lawyer and mother of two. Her memoir highlights themes of love, illness, grief, motherhood and family.

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