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The All Out War will resume on February 25 when The Walking Dead returns for the midseason premier. Let the library help you satisfy your craving for zombie entertainment while you wait.

Did you know that the show has taken a different path from the one laid out in Robert Kirkman’s original comics? Find out what those deviations are by exploring the pages that started it all.

Been there, read that, but still hungry for more?

There’s also a series of novels written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. The books follow the transition of Phillip Blake as he goes from an average apocalypse survivor to The Governor, the villain who gave Rick and the gang a run for their money in season four.

Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the walkers and survive the zombie apocalypse? Test your skills with The Walking Dead console games.

If your appetite for zombie entertainment is so strong that you’ve consumed all of the official TWD materials, don’t despair. There are many more books and movies about zombies to keep you satisfied.