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If you’re looking for a good reason – or excuse – to dust off your Xbox and spend a few hours playing some of your favorite games, we have one! National Video Game Day is July 8. If you’re busy, don’t worry. You have another chance to celebrate on September 12, National Video Games Day.

Video games first came on the market in 1971 when Nutting Associated released the first at-home video game, Computer Space. Atari’s Pong was the next big hit in 1972. Nintendo Entertainment Systems changed the game in 1985 by replacing the joystick with the first pad controller, replicating arcade games for home systems. The strategy was to sell the game system at an extremely low price and make a profit from the games sold. This continues to this day, with consoles being sold for a small profit and games like Grand Theft Auto V making $6 billion since its debut in 2013. Today, the most popular game systems are the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but console-quality games have jumped out of the television and now exist on smartphones or the realm of virtual reality.

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Video Game Fun Facts:

  • The video game industry is valued at $70 billion worldwide.
  • Two-thirds of American households play games and 60 percent of the players are male.
  • The best-selling consoles of all time are the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS, with sales tied at about 155 million units each.
  • Designer Toru Iwatani invented Pac-Man while he was eating pizza.
  • The PlayStation was originally designed as a Nintendo console. Sony was to make the inside components, but when the partnership fell through, Sony decided to go ahead and release their own game system.
  • The highest grossing game of all time is World of WarCraft, bringing in a whopping $10 billion since its release in 2004.
  • Atari is a Japanese word that actually means success.