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Being a teenager is like being in limbo - you're old enough to have more responsibility and higher expectations placed on you by adults, but too young to vote. It may feel demoralizing and defeating, but you can create positive change in the world.

The ACLU of Tennessee created a youth activist guide, which outlines how you can create change in your school and communities. Among the steps identifying the injustice or unfairness you see in your community and creating a mission statement, the ACLU-TN stresses how critical research is to activism. In your research you'll find what strategies and campaigns work most effectively, how widespread the issue you're tackling is, and valuable stakeholders in your community. If you'd like more information, the ACLU of Tennessee outlines these steps and those that follow in depth in their guide.

As librarians, we are happy to help with your research needs. To get you started, the list of recommended titles below features books that are activism guides and accounts of other teen activists. You don't have to reinvent the wheel; instead, use the teachings of those who have come before you and build on them. If you need any other help with research, contact your local branch.