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The New Jersey Collection at the Burlington County Library Headquarters

Family History Research

  1. family histories and surname reference files
  2. birth, death, and marriage indexes and records
  3. cemetery transcriptions
  4. church records
  5. local, regional, and national newspapers on microfilm
  6. US Federal Census and New Jersey State Census
  7. Ancestry Plus and HeritageQuest subscription databases
  8. Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
  9. Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society/New Jersey History

We invite you to to visit the New Jersey Collection and our branch libraries where you may discover the one fact that moves your family back through time.

Book Feature:

Genealogy FeatureUnlocking Your Genetic History: A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Family's Medical and Genetic Heritage

by Thomas Shawker

"Shawker details how to incorporate the medical information on your family members into your family tree, gives an overview of how genetics and DNA testing can prove ancestry, and provides information on how this medical history is useful to current and future generations."

Are you a BCLS cardholder?

arrow If you are a BCLS card holder and you are interested in requesting research, please read our research policies.

arrow If you are not BCLS card holder, Burlington County Library's fees for research for non-cardholders are as follows:

If you are looking for a newspaper notice of a specific event ( i.e., birth, marriage, obituary/death notice, or news article) and you know the date, the BCL charge is $5.00 for the search PER NOTICE plus $.25 per photocopied page (e.g., 2 obituaries = 2 notices = $10.50). Pre-payment is required and the fee includes postage. Please allow 15 working days. Mail your written request with the appropriate fee to the Reference Department at the address below.
Family history research:

If you are looking for family history, genealogy, or biographical information on a Burlington County family, we will search a specific list of resources available in our New Jersey Room Collection for a pre-paid research fee of $15.00 plus $.25 per photocopy. The search fee includes postage. Photocopies will be billed. Please allow 4-6 weeks. Mail your written request with the appropriate fee to the Reference Department at the address below.