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If the kids are getting a break from home schooling this week, no need to worry. There are plenty of ways to keep the family entertained. Here are some suggestions on how to make this the best staycation ever!

While your family might not be able to travel, but you can still go on a virtual trip around the world. Channel Carmen Sandiego and have kids point to a spot on the globe or a world map. Visit a park or museum near that location, like Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City or the Great Wall of China. Experience the Louvre without waiting in line! Check out our comprehensive post on virtual tours to museum, zoo, aquarium and sightseeing landmarks for more options.

Your own backyard can be a fun destination too. Set up a tent, or make one out of blankets, and go on a pretend camping trip complete with microwave-roasted marshmallows and stories around a (also pretend) campfire. If anyone in your family is musically-inclined, host a backyard concert and invite the neighbors to listen from their yards.  Put on a play or a stuffed-animal puppet show to get kids working as a team.

A stay-in-the-car sightseeing trip can be just as fun, or call the extended family to organize a car parade past a grandparent’s house so kids can wave from the window.

Or, focus on community with a service-oriented spring break. Have kids help make lawn signs thanking healthcare workers, or learn how to make DIY masks out of household items instead of buying them. Garden as a family to beautify your lawn or take part in a Chalk the Walk event.

Have indoor fun with a LEGO challenge a day, or set aside time to go screen-free with this activity calendar.  For many more ideas to fill your Spring Break, join in At-Home Adventures.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the time off with your family!