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With the school year starting up, kids are getting back to work on assignments and research papers. We're here to help with a few hand-picked resources perfect for students researching geography, world history and more. The great thing about our databases is all the information is updated regularly to provide students with the current status of countries, politics, and more! As a society, we are used to getting information immediately with a voice command or Google search, which is always easy, but can have consequences if an unreliable source is used for a research paper or homework.

This is where librarians come in! BCLS provides 24/7/365 access to an extensive list of online resources available to cardholders. There are many to choose from, especially popular ones like Ancestry Library Edition, Kanopy, and Rosetta Stone Library Solution, but if students need information for their homework, two of our favorites are World Almanac for Kids Online and World Geography and Culture. These databases are sometimes used to find information for staff run library programs and we love to show students how to access reliable sources.

World Almanac for Kids Online features vibrant photos and quizzes to promote virtual learning while making it fun for kids. The list of resource offerings include games, science projects, maps, flags, fun facts, videos and more! Need a photo or map for a book report or presentation? Print or save images to include with a project-even the citation is provided for easy reference!

World Geography and Culture is a one-stop resource for facts and figures for countries and United States. Look for up to date population, capitals, maps, flags, government, culture, and more! This database is especially helpful for history homework and research projects on individual places.