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You say you love cats and you love your cozy mysteries with cats, so let me introduce you to some sleuthing duos.  Mrs. Murphy, Diesel, Hamlet and Elvis are just a few of the feline characters who, along with their human companions, love to solve mysteries.  So find a quiet place to curl up and enjoy one of these cozy mysteries that is sure to have a purr-fect ending!

Cat Got Your Diamonds by Julie Chase

Kitty Couture Mystery #1
Opening a pet boutique and organic treat bakery, Lacy Marie Crocker is implicated in a crime when her glitter gun is linked to a death, a situation that risks her business and freedom while she attempts to prove her innocence by finding the real killer.


The Whole Cat and Caboodle by Sofie Ryan

Second Chance Cat Mystery #1
When shop owner Sarah Grayson's elderly friend Maddie becomes the prime suspect in a murder, it's up to Sarah and her cat Elvis to clear the woman's name.



Murder Past Due by Miranda James

Cat in the Stacks Mystery #1
A famous author returns to his hometown and is murdered. It's up to Charlie Harris, the town's librarian, and his cat Diesel, to find the killer before the wrong person is arrested for the crime. The trouble is, every last one of Charlie's friends and coworkers had a score to settle with the novelist.


Black Cat Crossing by Kay Finch

Bad Luck Cat Mystery #1
Moving to Lavender, Texas, to write her first novel and help her Aunt Rowe manage her vacation-rental business, aspiring mystery author Sabrina Tate finds herself faced with a real-life mystery when her aunt's awful cousin is found dead with a local black cat, believed to be a jinx, by her side.