The Burlington County Library System staff presents a variety of programs for adults and children. The library also sponsors programs by outside organizations and individuals. Whether presented or sponsored by the library system, the following policies should be followed:

  • All family and adult programs must be open to the public, free of charge and not conducted for commercial gain. Due to space constraints, programs for children and programs held in computer technology centers may be restricted to card holders.
  • Programs about symptoms, diseases and/or medical treatments are not permitted.
  • Financial planning workshops must be informational only and not used to solicit business. Business cards may be provided to attendees upon their request.
  • Presenters, if requested by the library Events Coordinator or Branch Manager, must furnish resumes, certifications and/or references as well as a detailed outline of the content of the proposed program at a meeting with the event coordinator before permission to hold the event is granted.
  • Program presenters who wish to publicize their library event themselves must have all press releases, flyers, and brochures approved by the library administrative staff prior to distribution.
  • Programs that promote a specific political party or specific religious doctrine are not permitted.
  • The decision to sponsor a program by an outside organization or individual will be made by the Events Coordinator and library administration.